Basil Hayden’s Exclusive Release Rye Whiskey

Basil Hayden’s Exclusive Release Rye Whiskey is a new special offering from Jim Beam, and retails for about $45.

Since Basil Hayden is one of my favorite bourbons, I had to try this new release.

This was a very smooth and balanced easy drinking dark golden whiskey.  The medium body dram was chock full of toffee, vanilla and baking spices.   A couple of drops of water revealed another layer of apricot and citrus flavors.

Knowing that it was only 80 proof, I was pleasantly surprised at just how rich and lively this rye was, and as such I had a hard time keeping the glass full.

I think this is an excellent choice for newbies, but aficionados will enjoy it as well. The only reservation I have is the value proposition associated with the $45 price tag is a bit stretched.

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