Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey


Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey is viewed by many as the gold standard for Bourbon.

The whiskey is typically aged 6-8 years and has about 15% rye in the mash bill.

The dark orange copper color dram is a creamy full bodied effort that comes in smooth at 93 proof and leaves with a nice bite on the finish.

The nose is a collage of big aromas led by orange citrus, caramel, vanilla and spearmint.

The palate kicks off with sizzling orange flavors on the tongue followed by sweet toffee, vanilla and charred oak.

I really enjoyed this Bourbon and I am always amazed at just how crisp and recognizable the citrus flavors are in each pour.

Gold standard or not, the average sticker price across the US of $70 just seems too high for a 6 to 8 YO whiskey, but  savvy shoppers seek out the retailers that sell it for about $55.

Larceny Special Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey


At a cost of $20, Larceny is a solid value selection.

This is a much bigger whiskey than the 92 proof would lead you to expect.

Neat, the dark copper dram immediately hits the palate with a hot smokey oak taste that reminds me of Scotch before quickly yielding to chewy waves of caramel, vanilla and cherry flavors.

The addition of a few drops of water muted the smoked wood flavors while adding sweet toffee favors to the glass, but I must admit I preferred it without water.

This rugged Bourbon should be paired with a full flavor cigar, like the La Gloria Cubana Serie R #7 Maduro, or used in cocktails.