Chateau Rocher Calon

I was cleaning the cellar and noticed this wine that I purchased back in 2003 for $12.99. I tried it when I got home that day and found it to be too bitter and tannic.

So over the years I kept skipping over it as I selected wines to drink. So today I decided to popped the cork with the expectation that I would pour it down the drain.

Well to my surprise, I noticed this wine still had a dark purple color as I poured a glass. Intrigued I took a long sniff and was blown away by the fruit aromas.

My first sip overwhelmed me with young ripe berries and creamy oak flavors. This was followed by a long velvety finish.

I am glad I decided not to skip over this little gem, as it brightened an otherwise grey cold day.

Le Macchiole Paleo

The 2013 Le Macchiole Paleo is a charismatic and enchanting wine made entirely of Cabernet Franc.

This complex wine evolves continuously in the glass.  At first the wine captivates you with lush blackberries with a hint of spice.  The second sample is loaded with rose petals and mocha followed by creamy toasted oak and nuts which then give way to a velvety plum and berry finish.

This is a must try for all Italian wine lovers or anyone who has not tried a wine made from Cabernet Franc.

The retail price for Paleo is about $95, but I was able to secure this for $69 at one of my favorite wine stores, Sokolin,  in Bridgehampton NY. 



Allegrini Amarone

I just love Amarone! 

These wines are big and rich with loads of ripe lush fruit., and the best efforts are like heaven in a bottle!

The 2010 Allegrini Amarone did not disappoint!

From the first taste the inky purple juice was smooth and loaded with syrupy blackberries and cherries followed by aromas of smokey chocolate and hints of menthol on soothing velvet tannins.

The 2010 wine retails for about $70, but newer vintages are retailing between $50-$55.

My only regret was that I did not open a magnum, as the last pour came too soon!