2008 Lachini Chehalem Mountains Estate Pinot Noir


The 2008 Lachini Chehalem Mountains Estate Pinot Noir is a wonderfully complex Pinot from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

This ruby red wine walks a tightrope between the elegantly soft tannins on the finish vs the lively acids and heavy mouthfeel perceived at the start.

Over time layers of flavors are slowly uncovered. The first impression is of chocolate and cola wrapped around dark fruit. Eventually these sensations turn to black cherries with soft mushroom accents. Finally ending with ruby red grapefruit on a dry finish.

Like most Oregon Pinots, it pairs very well with food, especially pork chops, but it also drinks very nicely alone.

Only 325 cases of this exquisite juice was produced, and its $60 price tag ensures it will be very difficult to find.